The rental of sound amplification system is required for any size audience, because it allows participants to hear well all speakers with equal volume. Also the sound equipment is necessary when using the system for simultaneous translation in the hall - the translators in the headphones need to hear the signal from the microphones installed in the hall, otherwise simultaneous translation is impossible.

If we talk about business events, the equipment for sound amplification is used primarily to enhance the speaker's speech. Rental of sound equipment and the use of sound amplification systems is the main way to convey information to viewers / participants of the event. Therefore, it is very important when ordering these services to clearly specify the characteristics of the site, the type of seating, the configuration of the presidium. The most important requirement for sound systems of business events is speech intelligibility and uniform distribution of sound pressure throughout the entire room. Volume is not that important - the best system will be the one that participants will not notice at all. The speaker performs, and he is heard everywhere, the speech sounds clear and distinct.

Conducting conferences, forums, seminars and business meetings is now unthinkable without microphones. Narrowly focused microphones have for long been transformed from fashionable technical novelty into necessity for the success of a major event. Unlike an ordinary microphone, this type of device will make possible for the speaker to free his hands. In addition, the quality of the transmitted sound from narrowly focused microphones is often better due to more sensitive sensors.

A conference microphone is a small device that is built into a table or mounted on a flexible holder. Its function is to clearly convey the voice of the speaker. It is focused exclusively on the voice, ignoring extraneous sounds. The microphone for meetings of good quality should have a low sensitivity to interference from mobile phones and other office equipment and should be ergonomic, stylish and compact, as well as of solid design.