Simultaneous translation equipment is used during international business events to ensure technological capability of simultaneous translation.

The simultaneous translation system consists of several components - translator consoles, headphones and synchronous microphones, signal emitters, personal receivers, individual headphones for listeners, interpreter booths

Soundproof cabin (interpreter's booth)

In order to avoid the possibility of mutual noise interference, if the translators work in the hall, interpreter workplaces are organized in special soundproof booths for simultaneous translation. Since translators most often work in pairs, the booths for simultaneous translation are usually double.

Desktop cabin for two simultaneous interpreters

Desktop cabin for two simultaneous interpreters from plastic material makes it possible to deploy a system for simultaneous translation in just a few minutes. The cabin's internal panels are made of sound-absorbing material, which ensures the absence of resonance and extraneous overtones. The design is such that the panels are folded and form a 60x60 square. Height: 60 cm Width 120 cm